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HALF OF AMERICANS have a side hustle and most of those who don't, want to start one – is it out of simple financial necessity? Or is something else driving the gig economy? » More

VIDEO GAMES are often blamed for a generation of societal ills – but the Entertainment Software Association is out to prove that reality is much different than perception » More

ARE THERE DIFFERENT SHADES of black in America? In the minds of some who are descendants of slaves, the color of one's skin doesn't tell the whole story » More

SWEATIN' WITH YOUR SWEETHEART – it may not be as romantic as last weekend's candlelight dinner, but it will ultimately be a whole lot better for your heart » More

AT THE MOVIES: "Call of the Wild" and "Brahms: The Boy II" are new this weekend in theaters » More

MINDING YOUR MONEY: Morgan Stanley's $13B deal for eTrade shows the power (and profit potential) of mom-and-pop investors » More

TO YOUR HEALTH: All the headlines are about the coronavirus, but let's not forget about the regular old flu » More

BROKEN NEWS: Unknown person or persons break into a Pennsylvania apartment to squirt ketchup on walls and furniture » More

FIVE THINGS TO DO this weekend in Hancock County » More

ON MONDAY: As Findlay grapples with its own version of the modern housing crisis, a new book explores the cause and effect in one of the country's hardest hit regions – the San Francisco Bay Area
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What are the housing needs and expectations of those who live (or want to live) in Hancock County? Local officials want to know, but the bigger question is what they can do with that information - The urgent need to 'Give Blood to Give Time' isn't just for treating disaster and accident victims and emergencies - Keeping the Faith: They say if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans... but when life places obstacles in the way, it is that same faith which can carry us through - They are the 'everyday heroes' and the National Law Enforcement Museum gives the rest of us the chance to experience the dangers and the difficulty of the job

Hancock County voters will get to hear from the candidates directly at a pair of upcoming forums highlighting the Sheriff and County Commissioner races - Most of us don't even want to think about tax season during these few weeks every year, but there are some best everyday practices that will help make the whole process less taxing - Everyday Agriculture: If the label says 'no antibiotics' or 'GMO-free', what do those claims really mean? - Your words can be a powerful tool for success, but what if you've been using them all wrong? - For 30 years, the Findlay Rotary Club has been giving outstanding local educators some much deserved recognition with their annual Golden Apple Awards

A Good Mornings EXCLUSIVE: New Trojans head football coach Matt Pees talks about his move from the NFL's Tennessee Titans to take the reins at Findlay High School - Why many over-the-counter cold remedies may pose a serious health risk to one in three Americans - Sharing your heart with someone special is good for you, and now we know just how healthy it is - Want to inject a little heat into a cold Valentine's Day? We have advice on spicing up a relationship that's gone a little stale and fallen into a routine