Monday, September 16
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  In Today's Podcast:
• Broken News
• Robert Pondiscio - "How the Other Half Learns"
• Around the Watercooler
• Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
• A Little Good News
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AFTER SPENDING AN ENTIRE YEAR inside one of the country's most successful and most controversial charter schools, teacher and education journalist Robert Pondiscio reports on "How the Other Half Learns" » More

CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH – With advances in treatment leading to a greater than 80% survival rate, it is one of medicine's true success stories » More

BROKEN NEWS: New Zealand man brings professional clown to the company meeting where he suspected he was going to be fired (he was) » More

THE NEWS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: A Virginia judge's ruling leaves one wondering what the protests that turned tragic in Charlottesville were ultimately for » More

AROUND THE WATERCOOLER: "I love you" and "Where are you?" are among the most common messages parents text to their kids, more than a thousand times a year » More

CONSUMER AFFAIRS: Spirit Airlines is accused of misleading passengers about their fee structure » More

A LITTLE GOOD NEWS: Woman sends her text message to the wrong number, but reaches the right person – a total stranger who stepped up to help » More

ON TUESDAY: Women-owned businesses are growing faster and having more success than the overall average, so why are they still lagging behind when it comes to financing and credit?
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'WEIGHING IN' on America's battle of the bulge – How does Hancock County compare with the rest of Ohio and the nation in the latest obesity report from the Trust for America's Health? » More
BROKEN NEWS: California couple discover that, while they have been potty-training their child, the family dog has apparently been paying attention » More
AUTHOR NICOLE MEIER talks about her new novel "The Second Chance Supper Club" – described as a perfect reminder of the unique bonds that make up a family » More
UP YOUR TAILGATING GAME with some fun and easy recipe ideas for your next pre-kickoff party from Chef George Duran » More


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FINDLAY MAYOR CHRISTINA MURYN joins us to discuss her participation in a panel on Ohio gun policy at the Columbus Metropolitan Club this week » More
SENATOR SHERROD BROWN shares the details of his proposed Workers’ Right to Training Act – legislation he says would protect those whose jobs are eliminated by automation » More
BROKEN NEWS: Glasgow police called in to break up a planned giant game of hide-and-seek at local Ikea store » More
THROWBACK THURSDAY: The babies born on 9/11 are now 18 years old and legal adults – On the 10th anniversary we spoke to the author of the books that share their stories "Faces of Hope" and "Faces of Hope: Ten Years Later" » More


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AS MORE SCHOOL DISTRICTS turn to propane-powered busses to lower the cost of their fleet – a new study claims it improves academic performance as well » More
HANCOCK PUBLIC HEALTH is setting up shop in a new location beginning next week – Health Commissioner Karim Baroudi explains what this will mean for the community and the services they provide » More
BROKEN NEWS: Oregon chef launches late-night meal delivery service for exotic dancers » More
EVERYDAY AGRICULTURE: As harvest time approaches, a reminder about preventing roadway accidents between passenger vehicles and farm equipment » More
THE EMOTIONAL AND FINANCIAL BURDEN of senior care can take a toll on families – but with early conversations and some advance planning, it doesn't have to » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Texas man shoots himself in the groin while holstering his weapon at local gun club » More
REGULATING THE VAPING INDUSTRY – A spate of cases involving serious respiratory issues and even deaths has prompted calls for long overdue research and regulation, calls that in some cases are coming from within the industry itself » More
THE RECENT THEFT OF $4M from the pension fund for state troopers in Oklahoma should serve as a cautionary tale about cyber-criminals who are becoming increasingly brazen and dangerous » More
THE CLEVELAND CLINIC'S latest MENtion It survey reveals why so many men aren't completely honest with their doctor – if they even go in the first place » More
KEEPING THE FAITH: God has great and wonderful gifts to share with those who are bold enough to "Pray Big Things" » More
A LITTLE GOOD NEWS: University of Tennessee turns boy's homemade fan shirt into official spirit gear after he was bullied at school » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Ohio man calls police department to complain that cops "stole" his stash of marijuana and demand that they give it back » More
ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES, also known as vaping devices, have now been linked to a growing number of serious conditions, even death – How much is really known about their impact on human health? » More
METHANE EMISSIONS ARE COSTLY for both the energy industry and the environment, which is why the EPA's recent rollback of regulations limiting them has drawn criticism from both sides » More
WHAT'S HAPPENING: The Hancock County OSU Extension offers information on the next Dining With Diabetes program and the upcoming Farm Science Review » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Police in Marysville are on the lookout for whoever stole a roller coaster from the Union County fairgrounds » More
CONGRESS WILL HAVE PLENTY ON THEIR PLATE when they return next week from their August recess – will that include ratification of the president's USMCA trade agreement? » More
EVERYDAY AGRICULTURE: The latest profit outlook across all farm income categories from the USDA's August Forecast » More
COMMUNITY & BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: The official 'kickoff' of the United Way fundraising campaign is happening next week » More
BEYOND DRUG DISPOSAL PROGRAMS – Northwestern Medicine is pioneering a new program that not only takes back unused meds, but collects information that may help curb the crisis at the source » More
SCOUT ME IN! Area schools will be hosting programs next week for kids and their families to learn more about becoming Cub Scouts » More


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BROKEN NEWS: American woman caught by airport security in the Philippines with a six-day-old baby in her carry-on bag » More
A SIGNIFICANT NEW BENEFACTOR is stepping up to help grow the 'Welcome to a New Life' mentoring and resource program for local jail inmates » More
IT'S THE ONE THING they're not making any more of, but can you leverage that into investment profit? How to "Master the Art of Commercial Real Estate" » More
KEEPING THE FAITH: What happens when you link your favorite Bible verse with the one immediately following it? In many cases, you get a whole new understanding » More
AROUND TOWN: Time to saddle up for the 49th annual Hancock Handlebars' Horizontal Hundred county bicycle tour » More


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AROUND THE WATERCOOLER: New analysis ranks Findlay 86th among the Safest Cities in Ohio – well above Lima, but below Toledo » More
BROKEN NEWS: British Elvis impersonator fined by city for disturbing his neighbors with a series of loud late-night internet-streamed jam sessions » More
ANOTHER SIGN of Bitcoin going mainstream – A growing number of major universities are offering course studies on cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology behind it » More
WHAT'S HAPPENING: Details on September programs for all ages at the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library » More
AROUND TOWN: This weekend's Ultimate Dog-Paw-Looza celebrates all things canine to benefit the Humane Society of Hancock County » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Atlanta woman arrested for impersonating a police officer – with some help from her friend, who is (or was) an actual police officer » More
CAN IT BE TIME to start thinking about the healthcare open enrollment period again already? With more costs being shifted to patients, it's not something to take for granted » More
SUMMER IS OVER, which means it's time to settle in to a new school year and all the changes to the family routine that brings » More
AROUND THE WATERCOOLER: Viking has launched its "Ultimate World Cruise" – a 245-day excursion visiting 111 ports of call » More
WHAT'S HAPPENING: Details on September programs and upcoming events at the Hancock Historical Museum » More