Friday, November 15
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  In Today's Podcast:
• The First Things You Need To Know
• FPC Sale of The Courier
• ACA Open Enrollment
• Broken News
• Norman Bacal - "Odell's Fall"
• National Dog Show
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FINDLAY PUBLISHING is selling The Courier after more than a century of ownership – FPC executives join us to explain the decision and how it will affect both the newspaper and the company moving forward » More

AT THE MOVIES: "Ford vs. Ferrari", "Charlie's Angels" and "The Good Liar" are new this weekend in theaters » More

"ODELL'S FALL" – Author Norman Bacal talks about his story of love, jealousy, deceit and murder in a legal thriller with a Shakespearean twist » More

THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT open enrollment deadline is just a month away for those who purchase health insurance through the government exchange » More

THANKSGIVING GOES TO THE DOGS – How your pooch can be among the stars of the Purina National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day » More

FIVE THINGS TO DO this weekend in Hancock County » More

ON MONDAY: What you need to know about new labeling requirements for dietary supplements that will be rolling out over the coming year
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GOING VEGAN TO SAVE THE PLANET? How PETA is using the ecological impact of wildfires in the Amazon rainforest to rail against animal agriculture » More
WILDFIRES CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE – how business owners, homeowners and renters can protect themselves and prepare for the possibility of a total loss » More
CAN BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY help end world hunger and protect our food supply from contamination? » More
THANKSGIVING is about family, sharing and food (of course) – Here's how you can bring all of those things together at once » More


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TYLER'S LAW was signed by the Governor last week, strengthening safety standards for amusement rides in Ohio – State Senator Rob McColley explains some of the measure's key provisions » More
DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE what your label says you believe? How decades of partisanship have warped the meaning of the labels we give ourselves and others, and why they continue to widen the political divide » More
KEEPING THE FAITH: The challenge of sharing the good news with a social media generation, at a time when more than 3,000 churches are closing their doors each year » More
SO MANY TOYS even Santa doesn't know where to start – How to find the perfect ones that all the kids on your Christmas list will love » More


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A SHORTER CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SEASON means many of the hot deals are already showing up in stores – what high-tech gadgets will be among this season's must-haves? » More
CONSUMERS ARE PROJECTED TO SPEND at least as much this holiday as last, but nearly two-thirds say they are financially stressed as the season begins » More
EVERYDAY AGRICULTURE: An interim final rule is in place for the production of industrial hemp under provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill – Here's what stakeholders need to know » More
"IN JERUSALEM" – Author Lis Harris goes beyond the political and religous implications of Israeli-Palestinian relations to examine the impact generations of conflict have had on the lives of individuals and families on both sides in the region » More


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HANCOCK COUNTY VETERANS SERVICE DIRECTOR Nichole Coleman joins us from Washington, DC – where she has been invited to participate in the National Veterans Day Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery » More
OVER 40% OF VETERANS will leave their first post-military employment within the first year – Help to find a job is the most-requested service in the transition to civilian life, but what they really need is help to find a career » More
THERE'S NO SUCH THING as too many organizations to help veterans and their families, and sometimes the best help comes from those who have been there themselves » More
WHAT'S HAPPENING: What do the Master Gardeners do during the winter months? They don't hibernate, that's for sure » More


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IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK – author Jerome O'Connor takes readers to many of the significant but forgotten sites overlooked by historians in "The Hidden Places of World War II" » More
LOCKHEED MARTIN will build 478 new F-35's for the military at a cost of $34B – the company's chief test pilot explains what makes these fighter jets so advanced » More
'FAMILY FORWARD' – Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague explains his recently-announced initiative to ease the financial burden for those seeking to adopt » More
THANKSGIVING is less than three weeks away – Chef George Duran shares some of his top tips, tricks, products and shortcuts to lighten your load during the season of entertaining and family gatherings » More
OUR AREA WILL BE WELL-REPRESENTED in the playoffs again this year – We break down the matchups for Week #11 » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Virginia woman becomes viral celebrity for adventures traveling the world kissing random strangers along the way » More
IF THERE ARE MORE JOBS than people to fill them, why is it so hard to get an interview? What you may be doing wrong in your job search – and how to fix it » More
HAS PARTISAN INFIGHTING gridlocked Washington? Senator Sherrod Brown discusses the work that is getting done but which hasn't made the headlines » More
AT A TIME WHEN WE DON'T ALWAYS put our best foot forward, "Come On, America" is a reminder of what's possible in this country through the inspirational life story of former US Ambassador Dave Phillips » More
FORGED BY WAR: A poignant and emotional multimedia project honoring The Greatest Generation launches on Veterans Day – The Courier's Sara Arthurs gives us a preview » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Florida 911 dispatcher accused of ignoring calls for help because she was too busy watching Netflix videos » More
HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? An easy question with a complicated answer in the digital age when young people are more bombarded than ever by media in all its forms » More
NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH – Spotlighting children (particularly teens and tweens) in need of a family to call their own right here in Hancock County » More
IT WILL CLAIM 140,000 LIVES this year, and anyone can get it – What everyone should know about the fight against Lung Cancer » More
WHAT'S HAPPENING: Details on upcoming programs and special events at the Hancock Historical Museum » More


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AMONG THE THOUSANDS OF KIDS seeking adoption in the US, one group in particular is often overlooked – Their stories are being highlighted during National Adoption Month » More
COMMUNITY & BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: An update from the United Way on their fundraising campaign and the upcoming World of Downtown Restaurants Tour » More
EVERYDAY AGRICULTURE: The USDA has proposed changes to SNAP, aimed at preventing recipients from taking advantage of the system » More
BROKEN NEWS: Michigan woman wanted on arrest warrant, faces jail time for overdue library books » More
THE "ATLAS OBSCURA: SECOND EDITION" takes readers to more of the world's offbeat, unusual and intriguing obscure locations » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Ohio woman's Halloween costume startles first responders after she was involved in a traffic accident » More
TO MARK VETERANS DAY, the University of Findlay will be highlighting the work of the Student Activities Board in support of K9's for Warriors » More
A SECURE FINANCIAL FUTURE doesn't happen by accident, but many Americans are acting like it does – Is a "paralysis of fear" leading to a looming retirement crisis? » More
KEEPING THE FAITH: Imagine being able to start each day with a pastor of Christian leader who can personally make your walk with God "New Every Morning" » More