Friday, October 18
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  In Today's Podcast:
• The First Things You Need To Know
• Broken News
• BVHS Joins the Mayo Clinic Health Network
• 'Restart a Heart' Day
• Helping Teens & Young Adults Get Smart About Credit
• Weekend Football Preview
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BLANCHARD VALLEY HEALTH SYSTEM president and CEO Scott Malaney explains what BVHS' new affiliation with the Mayo Clinic Health Network is (and isn't) all about » More

MANY TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS in a new survey say they are nervous and intimidated by everyday money management issues – here's where to go for answers that can help them Get Smart About Credit » More

BROKEN NEWS: Iowa family discovers their home has a shared drainage system when the basement floods with waste material from a nearby meat processing plant » More

AT THE MOVIES: "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" and "Zombieland 2: Double Tap" are new this week in theaters » More

TAKING ACTION TO SAVE LIVES – Immediate CPR can double a patient's chance of survival, but less than half of those who suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital get help from a bystander » More

WEEKEND FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Valuable playoff points are on the line this weekend for many area high school teams » More

FIVE THINGS TO DO this weekend in Hancock County » More

ON MONDAY: State party chair David Pepper discusses Ohio's candidate debate and what Democrats will be watching for before the next one in November
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50 NORTH HAS LAUNCHED a major expansion and renovation plan to accommodate the current and future demand for programs and services to the senior community » More
THINK GLOBAL/ACT LOCAL – This month's UF Information Assurance Forum examines emerging cybersecurity threats and how to combat them » More
BROKEN NEWS: Florida woman destroys entire $2M inventory of a furniture warehouse with a front-end loader in escalating business dispute » More
THROWBACK THURSDAY: Fewer than one in three Ohioans have obtained the state's new, more secure driver's license and identification card – Here's how it works and why it's important » More
AWARD-WINNING TECHNOLOGY REPORTER Andrea Smith shares her favorite gadgets for fall (and the gift-giving season that will be here before long) » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Florida deputies beg man to stop calling them about his stolen marijuana » More
EXAMINING THE ECONOMIC AND PERSONAL IMPACT of wildfires – Western states may see the worst of it every year, but no one is immune to the devastation » More
HOW TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPERS are creating better ways of responding to and recovering from natural disasters of all types » More
SHOULD AN FIA be part of your retirement portfolio? Understanding the basics of fixed indexed annuities and who might want one » More
AROUND TOWN: Heal, Overcome, Persist, Empower – Details on a resource fair aimed at bringing HOPE to those struggling with PTSD » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Rogue sled dog team leads Montana police on slow-speed chase after dumping their musher » More
WHETHER BECAUSE OF THE FEAR about another recession, apprehension over volatility or too much student loan debt, fewer young adults are saving for their future – We have advice for investment newbies from the self-described 'Broke Millennial' Erin Lowry » More
IT'S NOT ALWAYS TRUE that Prostate Cancer is slow-progressing and less serious – now a new treatment option exists for men with a more critical form of the disease » More
AROUND TOWN: Details on this weekend's Findlay Antique Bottle Club Show and Sale » More


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ASIDE FROM THE POLITICAL FALLOUT from the House Impeachment Inquiry, what are the ramifications for an economy that is already showing signs of slowing? » More
WHAT DO the World Wide Web, the Euro and Paris Fashion Week all have in common? They are all among the 50 Most Influential Projects of the Past 50 Years » More
BROKEN NEWS: Tennessee woman arrested for twerking on top of a moving car » More
WHAT'S HAPPENING: Details on upcoming programs and events with the Hancock County OSU Extension and 4-H program » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Now that's karma – British thief smacked in the face by brick after he tries and fails to smash car window » More
LOWERING PRESCRIPTION DRUG COSTS is a key healthcare issue, but over-the-counter medication is also becoming more expensive – What, if anything, can be done to lift that financial burden? » More
THE COST OF MEDICINE is among the rationale many people use for keeping unused prescriptions on hand longer than they should, but there are many reasons that can be a dangerous thing to do » More
CREWS ARE CALLED TO A HOME FIRE every 86 seconds on average – which is why it's critical to do everything possible to protect your family, just in case » More
FIVE THINGS TO DO this weekend in Hancock County » More
WEEKEND FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Previews of all the games you care about from high school to the NFL » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Home intruder in Ashland County turns out to be a billy goat, found napping in bathroom » More
THE MOST OFTEN OVERLOOKED FIRE DANGER in the home? We have the answer, what you should know and what you should tell your kids about it » More
COMMUNITY & BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Time to get vaccinated at the Great Scot Pharmacy, because flu season is already here » More
THROMBOSIS IS A DANGEROUS and potentially deadly medical condition, and also one that is generally preventable – Here's what you need to know » More
KEEPING THE FAITH: Overwhelmed by the constant 'hustle' of modern life? Is this really what God wants for us? » More
AROUND TOWN: You'll be looking good by the end of the night at the Findlay Elks Purse Bingo fundraiser this weekend » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Drexel University agrees to repay federal grant money after learning that a former professor used it at Philadelphia-area strip clubs » More
FIRE PREVENTION WEEK – The steps every family should take to ensure they can escape a house fire, and to prevent one from happening in the first place » More
WITH COOLER TEMPERATURES SETTLING IN, it's time to get your vehicle in top shape ahead of the weather we know is coming next » More
THIS DECEMBER MARKS THE 75th ANNIVERSARY of the Battle of the Bulge – In "No Surrender", Pastor Chris Edmonds shares how he discovered the story of his father's heroic past » More


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BROKEN NEWS: Texas man confesses to robbing local bank on the day before his wedding in order to pay for the ceremony » More
REACTION TO GOVERNOR DEWINE'S announcement of the legislative component to his plan for addressing gun violence in Ohio from State Representative Jon Cross » More
IT'S NOT JUST FOR CANCER ANYMORE – Researchers are finding certain treatments originally developed to fight diseases like Leukemia are successful at treating other, entirely unrelated conditions as well » More
IT'S THE HOTTEST TREND in home decorating – After many years of declining popularity, wallpaper is suddenly back in vogue » More


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THE SEPTEMBER JOBS REPORT has been described as both "historic" and "disappointing" – both are accurate assessments, and where does that leave us moving forward? » More
THE NFIB EXPLAINS why many small business owners are concerned about the proposed Corporate Transparency Act of 2019 – and, if they aren't, why they should be » More
BROKEN NEWS: Spanish police rescued from the ocean by the drug runners they were chasing – then arrest them » More
WANNA GET AWAY? AirBNB has some unique vacation experiences for animal lovers » More